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Client Service Specialist
Our Client Service Specialist are in permanent 
comunication with our clients in the daily basis.
We face the truth and bring the reality to our clients.
Our goal is to bring security and safety opportunities to our clients by providing them different technological options easy to setup and use. 
$300 - $800 a week in a bad week
This position requires of experience dealing with clients face to face.
This position also requires experience in planning and developing strategies.
Most importantly this position requieres you to be very ambitious.
  1. Who can do this job?
    This position is perfect for those who are self-motivated, energetic, and friendly when speaking with homeowners.
  2. What will you do?
    You will be responsible to canvass local neighborhoods & update home and business owners about local security issues.
  3. What will you offer?
    You will be providing technological solutions that will never require of monthly payments, installation fees or monitoring fees.
  4. Can you handle this?
    If you feel that you can handle this position, you can apply by sending us an e-mail in a .pdf format. Click on the blue icon for e-mail.
E-Mail Resume in .pdf format only